Friday, November 21, 2008

Hallo allemaal

Hallo Allemaal, ik ben Maria en ik kom uit Zweden.

From now on I will try to help finding good websites that you can use for learning dutch.
I have tried learning dutch since a couple of months, almost only by using different websites. I can't say that I'm good yet, but it is becoming much easier to read and by using a really good site ( I have learnt to listen to the language, and also that is becoming easier after a while. A good advice is to listen to music in dutch, and check the lyrics. That's a fun way to learn!

It can be hard to find good and inspiring websites, especially in the beginning, so I hope I can contribute with some good links here and write something now and then.

Veel succes met het Nederlands!

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Bert said...

Heel veel succes met Nederlands leren. Ik zou willen zeggen: de beste manier om het te leren is om naar Nederland of Vlaanderen te gaan en aldaar te weigeren Engels te spreken.